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It’s great to have you visit, my name’s Djanira and I’m here to help you cook with confidence, eat with love and nourish your life.

I believe that everyone (that includes you) is capable of walking into your kitchen, opening the cupboard and fridge and making a healthy meal from scratch with what you find. In under 20 minutes.

If this isn’t you now, know that it can be with the right support and guidance

Whether you’re stuck in a rut cooking the same old recipes every week. Or just starting to cook. You’ve come to the right place, I can help you, through this blog, cooking videos, my tailor-made for you Vibrant Cooking and Vibrant Veggie packages.

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We all know how important it is to get our veg each day as they provide the vitamins we need to give us loads of energy and vibrant health. Not to mention glowing skin and hair.

Every two days you’ll learn a simple strategy to help you easily sneak more fruit and veggies into your diet. In 10 days you’ll be equipped with 5 easy ways to get your 5 a day. Saving you time, money and effort.

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