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About Djanira

Why hello there, I’m Djanira, friends call me DJ, you can too. My goal is to show you how to have your cake and eat it (pun intended).

What do I mean by this?

We all know the benefits of eating healthily, you look and feel great with a ton of energy, mental alertness and glowing skin. Eating well helps you to maintain a healthy weight, it boosts your immune system, helps you sleep better and generally enables you to lead a longer and more vibrant life

Unfortunately many people associate healthy with boring assuming that they have to eat a load of old lentils or bland vegetables and tofu.

Not true! Through my blog, videos and classes you’ll learn easy ways to make tasty food that nourishes as well as fills.  You’ll be rustling up simple, delicious, and healthy meals in no time, with very little fuss.

You won’t find any complicated culinary techniques here and no spending hours slaving over the stove, instead I show you how to make food that is super quick, super healthy and, most of all, super tasty.

Stick with me and you’ll soon be able to breeze into your kitchen, look in your pantry/fridge and be able to whip up a healthy meal from what you find. Quicker than if you’d gone for takeout, and of course way cheaper.

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