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How To Break Out Of A Cooking Rut

Are you stuck in a cooking rut always making your 3 favourite meals every week?

If you’re like most mums I speak to you have a few go-to meals that you turn to when that 5pm panic hits and you have to get dinner on the table now.

Perhaps you’re right in the middle of something else having lost track of time or your mind is focussed on something else. You go in to the kitchen maybe open the pantry or fridge door and just draw a blank. What to cook?

Stuck for new or original ideas you turn to a tried and trusted meal that has become an old standby perhaps its pasta and sauce or even beans on toast. It’s a good safe option, but you worry that you’re children are not getting a varied diet rich in a diverse range of fresh vegetables and fruits, and that this will have repercussions later in life.

Everyone goes through this, where you feel bored and inspired by your meals and cooking becomes a chore. Here are six simple strategies to help you break the spell and get out of that rut:

Have a look at cookbooks that you haven’t opened in a while. You will usually see something and think “I used to make this all the time and it’s really good”. You can also borrow new cookbooks from the library.

Check out food blogs. The internet is great for typing in what ingredients you do have followed by recipe and see what comes up.

Join (or start) a cooking club where you take it in turns to make your favourite foods and share recipes.

Read a book or see a film in which food is described in loving detail. That may make your mouth water and inspire to try new dishes.

Browse visual websites such as or that are strong on beautiful food pictures.

Peruse restaurant menus online, then instead of eating out find recipes for the dishes you fancy and make them at home.

Once you’ve shortlisted new dishes that you’d like to try make sure you act on this fresh inspiration by writing out/ printing off the recipes. Check your pantry to see if you need to buy any ingredients, add them to your list so that you have them ready next time you want to cook something different.

Next time you find yourself eating the same meals over and over again, try these tips out to get a little spark back into your kitchen and meals.


Now over to you, in the comments below I’d love to hear what you do to regain your cooking mojo?

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