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Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook?


Many people believe that they simply can’t cook and so they don’t even try. This is a great shame because cooking can be a great pleasure.

Cooking occupies this weird mental space, especially in our chefutainment-obsessed culture. There’s almost a feeling floating around that you must be producing seven-course meals without breaking a sweat or you’re not doing it right.

Everything becomes a huge event fraught with tension, its small wonder most people chuck it in and buy something instead.

I’ve developed a series of short articles with practical tips on how to transform cooking from tiresome chore to a pleasurable and creative process. One that feeds you soul and mind as well as your body.

When cooking feels good, you’re more likely to cook. The more you cook, the better your meals turn out and the better you feel. And it becomes a positive self-fulfilling prophecy.

Week One – Two Easy Ways To Bring More Joy Into Your Kitchen

Week Two – The Biggest Pitfall Of Home Cooking (And How To Beat It)

Week Three – The Secret To Cooking Without A Recipe


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