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Inauguration Workshop – Raw desserts!

Last Saturday was a very special day for me as I presented my first cooking class. Ironically it didn’t actually involve any cooking in the traditional sense of the word as it was all raw food. Raw desserts to be precise!

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and loved desserts especially anything with chocolate in. This hasn’t always fitted in with my quest to eat healthily, but dropping desserts all together left me feeling deprived. Which is obviously huge no no for any sustainable lifestyle choice.

My search for healthy desserts led me to discover raw desserts. It was love at first sight as they have the combination of being tasty, easy to make and incredibly they are also good for you. Packed full of super foods they provide your body much needed nutrients, so much so you can eat them every day – guilt free!

I want to make a difference in people’s lives through helping them to eat well and also by supporting local and international charities. For this inauguration class I chose to give all class fees to a non-profit organisation that I have been supporting for a few years now.

Calala is a women’s fund that promotes the rights, participation and empowerment of women, particularly in Latin America and the Caribbean, by raising funds and awareness and giving grants to strengthen women’s organizations, grassroots groups and movements. I’m planning a Brazilian soul food class in may that will help local charities in Barcelona.

It was an honour to introduce these mouthwatering desserts to this fabulous bunch of ladies,  I’ll leave you with a few of their comments:

“Really tremendous workshop, opened up a whole new world to me. I feel confident enough to try them. I particularly enjoyed learning tricks and seeing ingredients.” Elizabeth

“I was impressed that we made 4 desserts in less than an hour. I particularly enjoyed the carrot cake.” Anuradha

“It was original and entertaining. I loved discovering new flavours and new ingredients.”

“I learned new recipes that I never imagined were possible. I was surprised that it was possible to make healthy desserts, and that they were so quick and easy to make and required no cooking.”

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