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Two Easy Ways To Bring More Joy Into Your Kitchen

Two Easy Ways To Bring More Joy Into Your Kitchen

Many people tell me that they can’t be bothered to cook because it’s so much effort and then it disappears in 15 minutes leaving more work in the clearing up.

One way to solve this is to shift the focus away from the actual food onto the people involved.

You can do this one of two ways. Cook for people you love and/or cook with a friend.

Cook for people you love

Cooking for others always feels better and more inspiring than just whipping together food for yourself. I love to cook and find it easy, yet when I’m alone I’ll rarely go to the trouble of making a ‘proper meal’ opting instead for a quick salad, just because “why bother?”.

However cooking for my family and friends is one of the biggest ways I can show love and appreciation. If someone is sick, I cook for them. When someone has a baby, I cook for them. If someone does me a favour, I cook for them.

It makes me feel good to give the people I love something tasty and enjoyable that I made. I not only get immense satisfaction from knowing they are well nourished, but have found that people really do appreciate it.

Many of the women I work with tell me that they never bothered cooking anything beyond pasta with readymade sauce when they were single. However once they got married they wanted to be able to make a nice meal to share with their husbands, not because they wanted to be perfect housewives but because they really enjoyed making and sharing meals with their soulmates.

There’s just something about feeding people. For me there is nothing better than taking the time and care to prepare a meal or something to eat for my family and friends. Seeing the smiles. Hearing the “wow, that’s good”. Knowing exactly what they are eating and where it came from.

The act of sitting around the table together talking and eating is vital for healthy relationships.

Cook with a friend

Cooking alone can be boring, cooking with your partner and a glass of wine while you talk about your day is actually a really nice way to spend half an hour or so decompressing from work.

Even if only one person is cooking whilst the other hangs out, it makes a big difference to be chatting with someone than to feel that you are isolated from the rest of the family locked away in the kitchen.

Ideally there won’t be any idle hands, as you can get whoever isn’t cooking to wash up as you go along too so there isn’t a sink full of dishes to face afterwards.

If my husband is out whilst I am preparing the meal then I will pop my daughter up on the counter where she can see what’s going on. She is naturally curious about everything I do, so I give her a running commentary of what I’m doing and why.

It wasn’t until I was making a vegan cake one day and she asked me where the eggs were that I realised how much she was learning!

Cakes and desserts are actually a great place to start cooking with your kids as they are very motivated by the end product. Even if their involvement is a simple as pressing the switch on the food processor, they feel like an important part of the process.

If you have to cook alone then try listening to a favourite inspiring podcast or some music that you love to help make cooking a pleasure rather than a tiresome chore.

Today’s challenge: make a cooking date this week with someone you enjoy spending time with. It could be your partner, child or a friend. Commit to a time that you will make a meal together to share.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. The idea is to get together and enjoy the process of preparing a meal and then sharing it together.

Post your commitment in the comments so that we can give you encouragement and accountability.

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