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12236743_10156275423580173_1777135351_oThe class was really helpful and fun.  I enjoyed meeting other ladies and mothers that also share the same interests as me in learning how to make healthful snacks.

What’s great about these courses is, not only what Djanira can teach us about healthy eating and cooking, but also the adventure and togetherness of us all in one kitchen- learning, sharing, and coming together.

Food is a journey and experience. It’s very personal. To me, it’s a bit sentimental, as well, in sharing food that we’ve learned to how to make or even preparing it together, exchanging ideas, thoughts, and Djanira answering questions.

We have a “cookbook” takeaway and when we’re alone in our kitchens, needing to prepare something to take care of our families (which can be so inane) to me, I find joy in re-creating a dish or meal that Djanira taught us from this fun and inspiring environment.  I think these classes are great for the soul!
– Rebecca Ames


I really loved everything about the class. The amount and the variety of dishes, the tips on where to buy things, the overall atmosphere and the dishes looked easy.

It was so useful seeing the recipes being made. Its one thing to see a recipe on facebook or something but to see it live shows just how easy it is.

I recommend Djanira’s classes to any friends who listen!
– Evonne Britton


Djanira has a great way of bringing people together to earn and enjoy cooking food in a relaxed setting. I liked the pace of the class, lots of new ideas and information about ingredients and techniques.

I loved the tips on where to find exotic ingredients and combining flavours that were new to me.

amandaDjanira is a natural teacher – she brings energy and a healthy spirit to cooking which makes learning so fun! I also really appreciate the printed recipes and detailed instructions…and the tips on where to buy ingredients.
– Amanda Gigler


It was all excellent! Enjoyable group, great food, clear and practical explanations with a fun delivery. I loved the hands on approach where we all participated and also the way you fine tuned as you were preparing the dishes. That way you know what to do when you are making it at home. The group dinner was a fantastic way to end the evening.

I would have paid much more for a much worse meal at a restaurant. Cost-effective, fun learning experience with a lovely group of people.
– Jesús Salillas


peteWell organised, well prepared, you knew your recipes. I particularly enjoyed cooking and eating at the same time, rather than having to wait until the end.
– Raoul


It was very entertaining. I loved the technical advice and background information you gave on the ingredients and the suggested alterations. All recipes were easy to follow.
– Eva Scheefchen


Really tremendous workshop, opened up a whole new world to me. I feel confident enough to try them. I particularly enjoyed learning tricks and seeing ingredients.

I found the flexibility of these recipes useful and was amazed at how much we did in just 1 hour.

tadaExcellent workshop, surpassed any expectations I had.
– Elizabeth Breedlove


I was impressed that we made 4 desserts in less than an hour. I particularly enjoyed the carrot cake.
– Anuradha Ghemawat


It wasn’t just a cookery class for me, it was a really enjoyable evening out. Meeting like-minded people, hands on learning while preparing the meal (over a delicious capiriña also part of the lesson) and then the pleasure of sitting down to eat together. Highly recommended.
– Peter Forbes


vertical avo demoI enjoyed feeling healthy and positive just by attending and nibbling. The handout of the recipes at the beginning and knowing where to shop for ingredients was useful for continuing this healthy eating.
– Onke Truijen

The class was very social, good fun and lots of great information. I particularly enjoyed the interaction between us all while learning new recipes. One of the most helpful things I took away was your idea that you don’t need to stick to a recipe exactly – you can adapt everything to suit you.

I will be recommending the course to friends with children and also those generally looking to eat a more healthy diet.
– Jane Mitchell


I really loved the class and am using quite some things I learned and trying things out at home – more than I expected. Djanira is great at simplifying a complex topic, and her practical and fun approach to cooking really cheered me on.

trail_mixThere was a relaxed atmosphere, laughing and conversation. I appreciated that it was not a sit-and-listen-class. Djanira teaches you how to adapt the recipes to any circumstance and thereby help reduce the difficulty of actually doing it at home.

The class is perfect for people who are interested in healthy eating or in efficient and more fun cooking
– Katharina Seidler


I enjoyed discovering new flavours and new ingredients. I’m excited to try the recipes in my own kitchen!
– Roberta Genova


The class was very relaxed and informative. I particularly enjoyed the variety of dishes and the interaction between participants and Djanira.
– Pip Wilkins


rice puddingI was stuck in a rut with meal preparation and thanks to Djanira’s good advice, helpful tips and tasty recipes I have re-discovered the joys of shopping for and preparing quick, tasty meals.
– Isabel Marfany


I consulted Djanira because I had recently become vegetarian, was stuck in a rut eating the same meals almost every day and worried about getting a healthy balanced diet. I very much enjoyed working with her; I now have now plenty of new ideas not only about healthy food, but also about a healthier way of life.

I appreciated how all the suggestions and recipes were totally related to my needs, eating habits and to the nutrition goals I want to achieve. I also valued the diversity of suggestions and learning about new ingredients, products, food and nutritional value, her advice is obviously well supported on a sound knowledge about food and cooking.

Working with Djanira is easy…and this is highly appreciated, because nutrition is finally a very personal issue and one needs to be comfortable to talk about personal things. Djanira is a good listener, this creates confidence making the work easy and useful.
– Carlos Morales