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Food can evoke some of the sweetest memories, especially from one’s childhood. British foodie Nigel Slater based his autobiography Toast: The Story of A Boy’s Hunger on his childhood food memories. My favourite restaurant scene in a film is from Ratatouille where the stern food critic Anton Ego tastes our hero’s ratatouille and is instantly transported to his childhood home, sitting down to his mother’s ratatouille.

I’ve included a clip for you. You only need to watch the first minute as the look on the critics face when he tastes the ratatouille says it all.

I’ve filmed a video on how to make ratatouille so that you can start creating your own food memories associated with this simple yet comforting dish. It works well served over rice or with non-traditional grains such as: coucous, quinoa or millet.

Leftovers can be used as a pasta sauce or also a pizza topping.

Does food bring back memories for you? Are transported to another time and place by the smells and tastes of certain foods? Take a trip down memory lane and share your food memories in the comments.

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