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The Easy way to Make Perfect Rice Every Time

I ❤ rice!

Rice is a great accompaniment for all sorts of dishes from steamed vegetables and bean stews, to ratatouille and curry.  It’s cheap, nutritious and super easy to cook, making it a staple food in many parts of the world.

My parents are South American and so I grew up eating rice almost every day and I never got tired of it.

My dad makes the best rice in the world. It’s so good that I can eat it plain, often straight out of the pan. Knowing how much I loved his rice my dad would always make sure that there was a pan of rice at home in case I ever fancied a snack, especially coming home late at night.

When I went to university I realised that many people were unsure about how to cook it, often boiling it with lots of water and then straining it, rather like you would cook pasta. This technique certainly cooks the rice but it’s not so flavourful and involves more washing up.

Today I’d like to share an easier method which produces perfect rice every time.

This technique works equally well for both brown or white rice, but brown rice is much better for you because its less processed and so has more nutrients and fibre. Its also a lot tastier and keeps you feeling fuller for longer

In the video I suggest that the rice takes 20 minutes to steam. I’ve since carried out time trials and realise that’s a slightly conservative estimate, so be prepared for it to take longer depending on the pan you use. Basmati is quicker than short grain rice and white rice is quicker than brown rice.

You can’t go wrong if you listen out for the simmering noise, once that’s gone you know that water has evaporated and your rice is ready to eat.

Extra tip: put the rice on to cook first when preparing a meal so that it can steam away whilst you get on with the rest of the meal.

Leave a comment below and tell me your favourite dish to serve with rice.

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