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What is The Sunshine Table?

I believe that food is about soooo much more than filling your tummy. It’s about nourishing your body, your soul and your loved ones. What do I mean by that?

Food can bring people together. Preparing a meal with love and sharing it with those you love is a beautiful thing, it’s no wonder so many holidays are centred around or are celebrated with food. Mealtimes are a time to talk, listen and build relationships.

My Mission

My focus is on helping families, as I believe that sitting around the family table – talking, eating, sharing, laughing and crying – is a key part of family life. I grew up eating almost all my meals around the family table, as we shared our food; we shared each other’s lives and aspirations, and supported each other in our burdens and worries.

To this day my family table is a place where we can talk about anything, where we sometimes argue, and sometimes forgive, sometimes celebrate and sometimes just enjoy each other’s company.

I turned my back on my career in marketing and communications to help you do this as I believe that cooking is one most satisfying, fulfilling and most gratifying task that one needs to learn.

My goal with The Sunshine Table, to help you create this sacred space in your home. As my tagline states I can help you “Cook with confidence. Eat with love. Nourish your life”.

I strongly believe that anyone can develop the ability to walk into their kitchen and confidently whip up a healthy meal from scratch in 20 minutes. I can help get you there whether you’ve never cooked before or are stuck in a rut making the same dishes.

Why Mums?

I focus on mums because the responsibility for the family’s food often lies with the mother. The ability to rustle up healthy meals for their families gives busy mums peace of mind that their family is well nourished and will have fewer health issues, and the speed gives them more time to spend doing the things they love.

Parents have the opportunity to be good role models for healthful eating. By cooking healthy meals at home you are developing healthy eating patterns for your children that will benefit their health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

Studies have shown found that kids who more frequently ate with their family not only had a lower body mass index, they also ate more fruits, vegetables, fibre, calcium-rich foods, and vitamins. Additionally, gathering round a table to eat as a family teaches children to develop social skills such as etiquette and will also encourage them to develop their conversation in a very natural environment.

Benefits of Learning to Cook

Cooking is a valuable skill that grants us a greater degree of independence and freedom. Knowing you are able to cook for yourself and your family can give you the satisfaction and sense of pride that you are caring for and nourishing both yourself and your family.

Teaching your family to cook your family’s recipes or your favourite culinary creations can be a way to pass down information that will live on forever through food. Basic cooking and preparation skills can be learned from an early age and can aid in self-confidence as well as helping provide your loved ones with a means for survival.

Making your own food also saves you money, so many foods cost a lot more when bought pre-packaged, not to mention the cost of takeout or eating out. You gain control over exactly what’s going into your meals as you choose the ingredients you want to use and you can make them as chemical free and artificial-anything free as you like!

Cooking is an incredibly creative process and proficiency in this art is within the reach of everyone. My approach is totally non-fussy and very flexible allowing you to impart your own creative flavour to the dish. I’ll show you how to take a bunch of disparate ingredients, experiment with and tweak them, and create a whole far greater than its parts.

Quick and Easy

Learning how to cook is not as hard as you might think. I can help you organise your kitchen, I’ll create customised meal plans especially for your family including quick and easy recipes and shopping lists to make rustling up healthy meals a breeze.

If you want to transition to a more plant based diet, I will tailor-make a plan that fits with your lifestyle and tastes.

As much as I love cooking, I’m constantly looking for shortcuts to save time so that I don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen. You won’t find any complicated culinary techniques, instead I guide you in making meals that are super quick, super healthy and, most of all, super tasty. Meals that you and your family will love to eat and want to repeat over and over again.

That’s my food philosophy and the mission behind The Sunshine Table.

Now my questions for YOU to help you figure out your food philosophy:

  • What does food mean for you?
  • Why do you choose to eat the foods you eat?
  • Where do you eat your meals? Why?
  • What works for you? What doesn’t?

Share your views by leaving a comment below.

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